• Kakkoii Momo-chan

    Okay so no. I noticed how some people who call themselves anime fans use the word "animes". How many times do I have to clarify myself? Anime does not have a plural form. If you're going to be an anime fan at least know common knowledge! Putting an s at the end of anime is idiotic and incorrect! If you truly love anime and call yourself an otaku/anime fan then remember this. If you still use the incorrect term "animes" you should be ashamed. You shouldn't even call yourself an anime lover. Please spread the word. Anime does not have a plural form! You know how annoying it is for me to witness someone who claims to be an anime lover say "animes"? If they really love anime, they would have already known this! It's like how the correct term i…

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  • Marena Resu-tan


    October 27, 2016 by Marena Resu-tan

    So... There are some things that are different, especially with gem picking. 

    Pyromaniacs can be a variety of gems, usually picked on favourite gem more than suitable gem, such example is Auurin, who's Pyrite instead of Pyrope (A kind of Garnet, which is the group she suits). Gems with "fire" or such to do with fire are typically gems pyromaniacs use, such as Forest Fire Jasper, Blue Fire Opal, Sunstone, Celestine and of course, Firestone.

    Dacnomaniacs are typically found with Bloodstones, Red Obsidian, Various types of red quartzes and Fossil gems, considering their softspot for murder.

    Hydromaniacs are typically found with gems for an opposite reason to Pyromaniacs. They carry Lapis Lazuli, Crysocolla, Larimar, Iolite, Moonstone, Nacre and …

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  • Annick's Aunt

    OC names

    October 10, 2016 by Annick's Aunt

    Ayee guys! (If anyone even reads this lmao)

    I'm thinking of creating more OCs in the future, and I was hoping if ya could help me out with some names? I'm really bad in choosing some, so if you want, list some down there! Thank you!

    1. OC

    Name: Eira Williams Age: 14 Blood type: A Heigh: 1,73 cm (Has dark blonde hair, grey eyes and freckles all over her face)

    Living a live with her teddy bear on the North Pole.

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