Marena Resu-tan

aka Rare Lace

  • I live in the UK
  • I was born on November 19
  • I am a female. It's not hard to tell

Rose Crystal

Hallo! My name is Marena Resu-tan! Just refer to me as Marena. I'm one of the admin turned chat moderators. I'm from the Uk, so my timezone may be different to yours...

Main OC

For Crystal Valley; Auurin Cennire. She's one of the pyromaniacs of Kika-Muki and has a pyrite notification crystal. She has gold eyes and mahogany hair.

Other things

  • I will kick you for spamming. If it happens again, you run the risk of being banned.
  • Arguing about religion, sexuality and such will get both of the arguers kicked.
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