Yoko Amane

aka Bishamonten

  • I live in Alfheim
  • My occupation is Founder
  • I am F

Welcome, Thanks for to view my profile! I've been looking for a place where I can share my thoughts and talk to people, I don't know what reality you live in and I don't mind. All I'm asking is to be more respectful. Thank you! Hope we can be friends.



  • find it very  difficult to introduce talk to other people                                            
  • do not usually initiate conversations
  • I feel superior to other people
  • usually highly motivated and energetic
  • Winning a debate matters less than making sure no one gets upset [ it depends]
  • creative
  • People rarely upset me
  • Pisces 
  • carried away by fantasies and ideas lol
  • natural improviser than a careful planner
  • I enjoy going to social events that involve dress-up or role-play activities.
  • Go with the flow person.
  • I forgive easily 
14694915 1063205307126770 157075879 n
Gender Female
Age 17
Persona Unpredictable
Birthday March
Eye Color Hazel brown




Position Admin, Founder
Age 17 (Looks like 20)
Status Student

Physical attributes

Height 162 cm (5'5")
Weight 140lbs
Black, Blue , Pink , Red, Taupe , Scarlet
Re-zero , Fairy Tail ,You lie in April , death note
Asuna Yuki , Yoko littner , Misa Amane , Sailor Moon , Light Yagami , Kirigaya Kirito , ryuzaki lawliet , itachi Uchiha , Lelouch Lamperouge ,Spike Siegel
Yoko-chan , Yokocchi , Amane -sama, Yokosan

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